Sunday, October 26, 2014

RRD: Looking for Testers

"Raven Rock Digital needs testers for a very early alpha build of Lockout! The game is in a early state and is very rough around the edges. The point of this testing is to hunt for bugs in the core gameplay logic and to get feedback on the core gameplay mechanics.

We are looking for 2 testers, anyone who helps us with testing in this early state can choose to be added to the credits of the game, will have our eternal thanks, will be invited for future test phases, and as an added bonus will also get a free copy of the full game once it's completed on the platform of their choosing (PC, Mac, IOS (phone or tablet version), or Android(again phone or tablet version)). For every bug found the tester will also receive an additional copy free upon release for a friend or to have a copy on another platform.

The tester will have access to the development build for one week and then it will become locked out (pun intended). They will also need to sign a non-disclosure agreement before receiving access to the development build."

For more Information, check out their page:

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