Tuesday, November 18, 2014

November Meet-up Recap

This month was a FGM meet-up first, as we had our first presentation on a physical board game.

Game Maker Davin Loegering presented, giving us a preview of his current project, a complex board game that features things like customizable characters, and various win conditions. Davin is a software engineer by trade, and has experience in making video games, but this is his first foray into creating a physical board game.

Davin says that making a board game has it's own challenges; while you don't have to code, the player now has to number crunch and manage all the analytics of the game, something that usually happens behind the scenes in a video game. Making that an enjoyable aspect of the game is vital to it being fun. Also the complexity of manufacturing costs is something that can influence the game mechanics, something that he has learned in the development process.At the end of the presentation, Davin gave the audience a look at some the game assets.

A really awesome look into the process of making a complex board game, and comparing and contrasting it from video game development. Thanks to Davin for sharing his project, and for everyone who showed up to support him!

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