Wednesday, December 10, 2014

December Meet-up Recap

December marked the fifth month of Fargo Game Makers, and with the Holiday Season around the corner, we wanted to make it a special by having people bring in and share what they were working on.

Meet-up attendees got a chance to:

Play Erin Nyren-Erickson's math card game 9 Apples

Check out Erik Meyer's math RPG game Sum that he is building in Unity

Look at Raven Rock Digitals innovative code that is being used to power Infinite Tower and a peek at their side project Lockout

Be the first to play Beach Interactive's The Abettor's Letters: French 

Get a behind the scenes look at Chad Close's and Beach Interactive's unannounced secret project

It was our most jam packed meet-up yet, with a packed room and plenty of original content. We are looking forward to having another show and tell style meet-up in the coming months. Thanks to all who came!

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